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Zhejiang Daily: Guangbo encourage employees back to businessranteed
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Benefited from the company's cultivation, Meng Shengxiu, entered into Guangbo Group several years ago, becomes an excellent professional manager from a peasant woman with only a junior high school level of education. Last year, Meng Shengxiu went back to Shangrao, Jiangxi, and led over 300 local people to become rich jointly.  

Guangbo Group, headquarters located in Ningbo, now it has over 7000 employees, 70% of which are migrant workers. In recent years, the company gave professional skills training mainly to new peasant workers, let them have gain an extra skill. For employees who made it to college, the company has provided the opportunity of free study and promotion.    

Not only that, Guangbo Group also launched staff "back to business plan". Encourage migrant workers who have the ability and strength back to business, gaining the support of technology, capital and customer information provided by the company. Staff take the good advantage of hometown's labor resources, create own development platform. 

It is reported that, so far, over 20 people have turned into professional managers from peasant workers, through the cultivation, guide and help from Guangbo Group.     

Guangbo Group President Wang Liping introduced, through "back to business plan", the company effectively solve migrant workers' way out problem, also solve the problems of raw materials supply and domestic market extension. "Our purpose is to let each employee have the room to grow."

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