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ZheJiang GuangBo: passionately devoted to brand buildingranteed
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GuangBo brand is known in domestic stationery trade. GuangBo stationery almost covered various provinces, cities, autonomous areas market in 1998. GuangBo group founded a joint venture of GuangBo Namometre Material COM, LTD with a Canada-based company in 2000, and it opened 3 subsidiaries in HongKong, United Arab Emirates and U.S. for all-round radiation to overseas market in 2001. Its foreign trade volume surpassed 20 millions dollars in 2002, and its products targeted more than 60 countries and areas around the world. GuangBo group drives for the new and high technology industry and digital camera market again this year. Now, the large- scale joint-stock enterprise group consists of 4 joint ventures, 3 overseas trading subsidiaries, 2 hi-tech material company, etc. amounting to 12 holding subsidiaries, with total assets of 400 million yuan, 3000 employees, 6 sets of products with thousands of varieties, such as album, stationery, paper, plastic cement products, metal Nanometre material, digital products, etc.

Registered brand: over “attachment-oriented” and “value-oriented” gap

The stationery trade is a special one because of its unitary supply and demand, and the stationery was formerly regarded as a kind of high consumption of supplies. Stationery wasn’t really separated from general merchandise trade until in late 1980s and early 1990s last century. At that time, because few corporation of manufacturing stationery, most products depended on import. With growing demand, the stationery trade gradually converted from simple consumption to now all-round consumption, and company and individual become more and more mature in demand to stationery. According to incomplete statistics, the stationery market volume has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Stationery market increases above 10% annually in recent years.

The stationery of “GuangBo” launched in 1990s. At that time, intellectual general manager, WangLipin with the Orient Colored-Print Package Company looked at the market potentiality in stationery trade, and resolutely gave up the development in remarkable colored-print package trade and converted to manufacturing stationery and built GuangBo brand.

According incomplete report, now, the stationery trade still remains clear regional characteristics. The ChangJiang Delta with ShangHai, HangZhou and NingBo as the leading cities and the ZhuJiang Delta with GuangZhou, ShunDe and ZhongShan as the leading cities are the main base of manufacturing stationery and has formed definite brand appeal and industrial scale. NingBo, where GuangBo located has dozens of famous companies in stationery trade. However, because of low backward technology, simple operation, low cost input and the increase of the trading companies who mainly make the agent business of local foreign trade and export, the city was strewn with many family factories, and the bad become mixed with the good.

The differences with the other small companies are that GuangBo regards brand as the treasure that it goes on. Since the representatives of a cross-country giant in retailing came to GuangBo group and hope to purchase its brand with a great deal of money but got WangLipin’s refusal. When the writer asked him for the matter, he talked about his thought. He visited Chicago in U.S. for an international exposition, to his surprise, his own products was labeled with foreign brand by foreign businessmen, and their prices were six times as much as it’s original price. At that time, domestic stationery trade was immature and the print had no real brand name products in international market. After coming back, he determined to create his own brand and the brand of GuangBo was registered in China at first, then in more than 30 countries and areas that made GuangBo leap over the gap from “attachment-oriented” to “value-oriented”.

Extending connotation: constructing the development space of “GuangBo” again.

WangLipin’s first annotation to the brand of “GuangBo” is the “vast world, broad-minded”, which has not only the idea of enterprise operation with poet’s feeling but also the moral force of “rivers emptying into the sea, whoever is unselfish is strong”. Then because of an international marketing meeting in 2002, he reviewed the brand and added new meaning in its connotation.

October 24, 2002, it is a happy day of the tenth anniversary of the founding of GuangBo group. In this day, the group arranged two “grand banquets” instead of giving entire staff some souvenirs. The first one is a big conference, which scale is the biggest in stationery trade in NingBo even in ZheJiang province. The businessmen who manage GuangBo stationery from more than 60 countries and areas came to NingBo for “the GuangBo Group Global Marketing Conference”. The other one is that GuangBo group held the grand foundation laying ceremony on a area of 600 MU which was taken over for building “GuangBo Science and Technology Park”, and declared to invest in high and new technology industry such as Nanometre material, digital camera and smart furniture, etc. the two “grand banquets” signified that GuangBo group will define the value association between “GuangBo” and “stationery” again, and the inner association between “GuangBo”, “high and new technology” and “international market”.

It is reported that foreign trade volume of 3 overseas subsidiaries and their agencies take 15% of gross foreign trade volume, which have been another equipage of promAt the beginning of this year, GuangBo group put forward the slogan of “making pioneering work secondly” and declared that it would overall improve its brand’s value with the construction of “GuangBo Science and Technology Park” as the turning point. WangLipin made a further clear annotation to the connotation of “GuangBo”---making friends extensively and gathering virtues from all quarters. In fact, he always tries his best to attract talented people for a few of years, and now, there are Doctors of 4, overseas experts of 12 in GuangBo group. The structure of the talented people is rarely seen in this kind of enterprises that manufacture stationery.

The structure of talent people is necessary to GuangBo group that is restructuring the brand connotation. ChenGangqiang, who got his PH.D in Canada, a well-known hi-tech talented people in Nanometre industry overseas, became a part of our group in 2000. GuangBo set up the first line of high-level superfine Nanometre Nickel powder in mainland in 2000. The GuangBo Nanometre material project has acquired several national patents for invention and practical patent over two years, and been listed new material key project during the tenth five-year plan period, and acquired the support of small and medium-sized enterprises innovation fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The GuangBo group holds the independent intellectual property right, and is one of the first group of Nanometre material exemplary companies and technology centers of Nanometre metal material project in NingBo. The produces of Nanometre copper powder and Nickel powder and Nanometre compound manufactured by guango group have gradually opened the Europe, Japan, South East Asia and domestic market. The GuangBo group was planning to set up 20 lines for Nanometre and produce

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