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"Party members in action, clean industrial park"-- Party member activity day of Guangbo Group
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In order to further enhance the cohesion and exemplary role of Party members, purify the working environment and create a positive atmosphere of Guangbo is my home, nearly 100 party members from eight branches of Guangbo Group carried out the theme party member day activity of "party members in action, clean industrial park" on August 20.




The activity was divided into 8 cleaning groups to clean up the whole Guangbo Group Industrial Park.In the activity, all the party members joined hands with the masses, picking up brooms, shovels and other tools to pick up and clean up the rubbish and weeds on the road and roadside grass, and remove heavy objects, such as ink waste cloth, waste paper barrel and cardboard, in order to show the exemplary demeanor of the party members in practical action.According to the cleaning results, building 3, where the printing branch is located, is undoubtedly the "least clean area" of the whole group, and 14 piles of garbage seriously affect the company's image.After more than one hour of division and cooperation, the group's environment has taken on a new look. Here, the party office of Guangbo Group and the group office, on behalf of the company's Party committee, pay high tribute to all Party members and colleagues participating in this cleaning activity!

The theme party member day activity is to organically combine organizational life with plant workshop management, aiming to create a good working environment, interpret and practice the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members with practical actions, and more importantly, bring the concept of collaborative management to each branch. It is hoped that all departments in the plant can do a good job in on-site management and 5S management, so as to build a harmonious, clean beautiful working environment.




All the staff of Guangbo should make concerted efforts to avoid littering, classify the garbage, place the goods and sundries in an orderly manner, maintain good working and living habits at any time, maintain the appearance of the company and achieve civilized production.

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