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Take multiple measures to fight the "active battle" of epidemic prevention and control
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In recent days, epidemic situations have occurred repeatedly in many parts of the country. In order to demonstrate the corporate responsibility of "everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control",Guangbo Group took multiple measures to carry out epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively demonstrated the confidence and determination of employees to concentrate on epidemic prevention and control, and effectively improved the awareness of all employees to build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control.

Since August 12, all personnel entering the office building have been wearing masks, and the staff in the administrative building wear masks all the time.At the same time, try to avoid going to epidemic and medium and high-risk areas, especially unnecessary cross-border travel.We should always adhere to the "three piece epidemic prevention kit": adhere to wearing masks, social distance and personal hygiene; Remember the "five precautions": wear masks, keep social distance, cover coughs and sneezes, wash your hands frequently, and open the windows as far as possible.

Although we are not in the "front line of anti epidemic", as long as we earnestly fulfill our corporate social responsibility and actively and effectively implement relevant work, we will be able to fight the "active battle" of epidemic prevention and control.

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