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Guangbo group shares the storm and makes every effort to fight against "fireworks"
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Typhoon No. 6 "fireworks" is threatening to wreak havoc in Ningbo with a huge amount of water vapor. Since July 23, Guangbo group has always maintained high vigilance, launched the typhoon prevention emergency plan for the first time, and comprehensively deployed the anti typhoon and flood control work.In recent days, under the leadership of chairman Wang Liping, general manager Wang Junping and deputy party secretary Shu Yueping, all Guangbo anti typhoon personnel have gone all out to do a good job in disaster relief, ensure the safety of employees and the company, and ensure the safety of various projects during the flood season. At the same time, combined with the actual situation, they organize to comprehensively investigate the potential safety hazards in workshops, warehouses and other areas, implement the evacuation and resettlement of dormitory personnel, fight against wind and rain, race against time, take effective measures, do a good job in anti typhoon and flood control, and build a solid wall with practical actions.

Guangbo group organized an anti typhoon team with the heads of various departments as the first person in charge to be on duty for 24 hours to do a good job in risk inspection and tighten the string of flood control. At the same time, the police team, power department and general affairs department jointly defined the responsibilities and division and made every effort to deploy the anti typhoon preparations.Before the typhoon, the team members reinforced the warehouse roof, cleaned the drainage ditch, transferred important materials and arranged pumping equipment.At the same time, they arranged the key work in the sinking area to drain water and prevent waterlogging, and achieved good results.

Although the "fireworks" landed in Putuo district of Zhoushan at noon on July 25, the wind and rain remained the same, and Guangbo anti typhoon employees were still in full readiness to win the hard battle of typhoon and flood prevention with responsibility.


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