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Guangbo group deployed to prevent typhoon "fireworks"
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This year's No. 6 typhoon "fireworks" is threatening and heading straight for our province.At noon on July 23, Wang Liping, chairman of Guangbo group, gave guidance and speech on typhoon prevention at Guangxin nano and Guangbo headquarters.

He stressed that it is necessary to earnestly implement the preparations for typhoon and flood prevention, and quickly put into the front line of Typhoon "fireworks". All departments must do a good job in risk investigation and control, emergency force deployment preparation, water network pre discharge and pre discharge in advance, so as to ensure prevention and no loss.

The possibility of Typhoon "fireworks" landing on the front is very high, the probability of "strong wind, rainstorm and high tide" is high, the impact time is long and the scope is wide, and the situation of typhoon prevention is severe. We must not be careless. It is hoped that all personnel will be unremitting in disaster preparedness, strengthen the preparation of materials, strength, publicity and guidance, and minimize the loss of typhoon.

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