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The Dragon Boat Festival leaves fragrance
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Dragon Boat Festival arrives,busy with making zongzi.

Green reed leaves are fragrant with rice.


In order to carry forward the excellent Chinese culture and create the cultural atmosphere of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the trade union of Guangbo Group organized the activity of making zongzi to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival.The activity was strongly supported and actively participated by various departments, and the scene of the activity was full of strong traditional festival atmosphere.

On the afternoon of June 10, after the staff's intensive preparation, everyone began to exchange the national customs of the Dragon Boat Festival with each other and learn to make zongzi. The whole activity scene was full of laughter and joy, and everyone's face was filled with a kind of incomparable joy and happiness.Although the technical level is uneven, but whether skilled or novice on the road, everyone is very happy, the canteen is filled with laughter. After everyone's hard work, hundreds of different shapes of zongzi appear in front of everyone's eyes. The air is full of fresh and mellow flavor of zongzi leaves, which makes people happy.

At the end of the activity, everyone took zongzi home to share the "harmony and happiness" with their families. I believe that rice dumplings have a different taste in their mouth, such as the taste of home, the taste of love, the taste of happiness from leaders' concern,, and the warmth and happiness of a good family.And this kind of warmth and happiness will become a force for everyone to make progress.


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