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Guangbo Group held the first quarter economic operation analysis meeting
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On the afternoon of April 29, the first quarter economic operation analysis meeting of Guangbo Group was held to review the economic operation and development in the first quarter, analyze the current situation faced by enterprises, study and deploy the tasks and measures for the next stage. Wang Liping, chairman of the group company, stressed that the greatest mission of the company's management cadres is to create value for the enterprise, keep in mind the goal of taking profit as the center, and strive to achieve the high-quality development of the group company.

Wang Liping pointed out that the three bases of the group company jointly held the first quarter economic operation analysis meeting, fully feeling the efforts of everyone in the first quarter, but we should face up to the problems and shortcomings. The second quarter is the key period connecting the preceding and the following. We must really work hard, overcome difficulties , and ensure that we can show the actual results with performance data at the mid year economic work meeting.




Wang Liping stressed that to improve the efficiency of enterprises, we should focus on reducing operating costs, improving labor production efficiency, streamlining redundant second-line personnel, and enhancing the momentum of sustainable development.The key work of the second quarter is to develop more suppliers to compare prices, implement machine replacement to improve efficiency, reduce redundant personnel to refine positions, promote private brands to expand the market, and frequently check, improve and supervise safety. All companies and departments should strictly implement the implementation to build a solid foundation for development.

Wang Liping stressed that the decision-making of an enterprise is made after careful consideration and scientific formulation. There is no doubt or reason. One decision is made and nine are implemented. All levels of the group should pay close attention to the implementation of the objectives and tasks, focus on the insufficient problems, find solutions, strengthen study and research, broaden horizons, have the courage to take responsibility, build a healthy atmosphere, and boost  the entrepreneurial spirit of the staff.

At the meeting, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made a comprehensive operation analysis and summary report on six aspects, including sales operation, production operation, cost and wage expenditure, profitability, operation situation and next work direction.

At the meeting, leaders of each module, responsible persons of member enterprises and representatives of typical departments reported the economic operation in the first quarter and the next work plan.

The meeting was personally presided over by chairman Wang Liping. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including group leaders, management cadres above the deputy general manager of shares and holding subordinate enterprises.


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