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General manager Wang Junping inspects work safety
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On the morning of April 30, 2021, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, led all members of the safety committee to go deep into the production line to inspect the safety production work, and held a pre festival on-site safety meeting.

Wang Junping successively came to the button bag production line and the plate drawing operation area to have a detailed understanding of the equipment operation, on-site management, safety inspection, etc., spot check the safety inspection records, listen to the safety production reports of the company's safety officer and workshop director, and put forward safety opinions and requirements.

At the on-site meeting, Mr. Wang pointed out that all employees should firmly establish the safety idea of "safety first, prevention first", strengthen safety education and training, and improve safety production awareness. We should strengthen our efforts on the hidden danger investigation, safety inspection and operation supervision, and take serious responsibility for the ineffective safety rectification and illegal operation, so as to firmly hold the red line of safety.

General manager Wang stressed that the safety work should be done to keep the alarm ringing, constantly grasp unremittingly, and use accident cases to warn employees.New requirements for equipment operation, stack height of base paper, food safety, fire safety and warehouse safety should be met to eliminate hidden dangers from the source.The equipment protection device must be installed in place, the fire fighting equipment must be effective, the industrial injury insurance must be guaranteed as much as possible, and the short board of safety production must be continuously supplemented to lay a solid foundation for safety management.

Mr. Wang also put forward specific requirements for strengthening safety on duty during the May Day festival.


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