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Leaders of the State Administration of market supervision and the China association of cultural, educational and sporting goods visited Guangbo
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On April 15, Sun Huichuan, director general of the state administration of market supervision, and Yi Xiaoli, chairman of the China association of cultural, educational and sporting goods, visited Guangbo. Director Sun and his party first expressed their gratitude to Guangbo for its contribution to poverty alleviation in Guizhou, and also put forward valuable suggestions for the next step of poverty alleviation.General manager Wang Junping received and introduced the development of the company in detail. General manager Wang pointed out that Guangbo should base itself on traditional industries, develop high-end industries and adhere to the line of rejuvenating the country through science and technology.Among them, the concept of "healthy classroom" launched by Guangbo stationery attracted the attention of director Sun and director Yi. When they learned that "healthy classroom" is to analyze children's psychological changes through color, they thought Guangbo's innovation was worth learning.At the same time, director Sun also highly agreed with the "nano spirit". He pointed out that China's manufacturing industry needs this kind of spiritual power to persevere and forge ahead.




Then, accompanied by Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Guangbo Group, director Sun and chairman Yi visited the stationery workshop and the new material workshop.

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