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Guangbo Group organizes new crown vaccination service
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On April 9, outside the report hall on the first floor of Guangbo Group, new crown vaccination personnel were registering and waiting to enter.In the lecture hall, "you stand here, please follow the one meter line!" The guide gave health tips for the vaccinators queuing in the waiting area.




"After vaccination, be responsible for yourself and others as well." One vaccinated employee said.One vaccinated employee said. The staff who maintain the order will wait at the scene before 8 o'clock on the same day and be responsible for registration and guidance, because "if they encounter a temporary cold or sick person, they should also mark it and organize vaccination another day."




The vaccination service was organized and carried out by Guangbo Group and Shiqi street, providing the most critical and effective preventive measures for the majority of employees during the epidemic period, with a total of 950 employees participating.


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