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Enjoying lantern riddles with Tangyuan, have you eaten Tangyuan?
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February 26 is the traditional festival, the Lantern Festival.Ningju column of Ningbo TV station came to Guangbo Group and sent warm dumplings to staff representatives of various departments.It coincides with the second anniversary of the establishment of Ningju column. Colleagues in the design department skillfully used Guangbo’s new year's items to carefully design the greeting card and gave it to Ningju column as a birthday gift.

At the Lantern Festival tea party, 30 front-line employees gathered together to exchange the customs of the Lantern Festival across the country."The Lantern Festival in my hometown is very lively. It's the same as new year's Eve. Everyone has to sing and dance together." Ms. Zhou is a native of Dali, Yunnan Province. In her hometown, she is good at singing and dancing, which is the innate talent of the local people. In the applause of the people, Ms. Zhou also gave us an impromptu song and dance.

Master Ran and his wife from Sichuan did not return to Sichuan this year, so they chose to stay in Ningbo for the new year. "The child is in  hometown. He made a video call on New Year's Eve and said he missed us. I promised him that I would go home in a few days to make up for the Spring Festival."

There are a lot of employees returning home of stagger shifts.Hope that the bowl of sweet Ningbo Tangyuan on the Lantern Festival can wish them a happy new year.

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