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Guangbo Group held 2020 annual commendation meeting
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On the afternoon of February 7, Guangbo Group's 2020 annual commendation meeting opened in a festive atmosphere. The group's senior leaders and employees who stick to the last gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival, bid farewell to 2020 and look forward to the bright future of 2021.

In the extraordinary year of 2020, a large number of advanced collectives and individuals have emerged in the group company who dare to innovate, expand the market, stick to their posts and shoulder the heavy burden bravely. Among them, some come from the production line, some from the sales posts, and some from the logistics departments. They are hard- working, dare to be the first, not afraid of difficulties and dangers.They have injected a strong driving force for the development of Guangbo.Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee, read out the winners list of advanced collectives and advanced workers in 2020. President Wang Liping and general manager Wang Junping, presented awards to the winners and took a group photo.

Later, Ran Yundong, the representative of advanced workers in the production line, Zhou Yibo, the representative of advanced workers in the business line, Zheng Feng, an excellent management cadre, and Zhang Er, the second Department of the advanced collective America, made typical speeches. They reviewed and summarized their work achievements and spiritual gains in the past year, and expressed that they would make persistent efforts in the new year to complete various work tasks with high quality and high efficiency, so as to make contributions for Guangbo’s development.

Finally, Wang Junping, general manager of Guangbo Group, delivered an important speech. He reviewed the hard work of Guangbo Group in the past year. While affirming the achievements, he also pointed out many aspects that can be improved. From the refinement of the company's operation and management to the sense of daring of the management team, which will be the focus of work in the new year.Finally, Mr. Wang expressed his thanks to all the employees working in the front line of Guangbo, and extended his most sincere wishes for the new year to all the employees and their families.

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