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Leaders of Haishu Youth League District Committee express sympathy to Guangbo employees who stayed in Ningbo
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On the afternoon of February 4, Cao Xiaobo, deputy secretary of Haishu Youth League District Committee, and Chen Xinyi, director of Haishu Youth League District Committee Office, came to Guangbo group to send warm wishes to the employees who stayed in Ningbo, accompanied by Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group company.

Deputy secretary Cao Xiaobo extended greetings to the daily life of the staff who stayed in Ningbo, and said that if they need help, the Communist Youth League District Committee will spare no effort to make the employees have a good new year in Ningbo. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Guangbo Group, introduced the relevant benefits of the group company for the employees staying in Ningbo, so as to ensure that Guangbo employees in Haishu can have the same good year as their hometown.

At the scene, many employees from Gansu, Henan and Sichuan said that they had already reserved tickets for returning to their hometown, but in response to the call of the government, the company's leaders were so concerned and the benefits were very generous, so they returned the tickets and decided to stay.

Later, secretary Cao and director Chen had a talk with Tu Junjie, a member of Guangbo group's Provincial Youth Federation of literary and art circles, hoping that he would continue to work hard to carry forward the power of youth role models and bring a new trend to the enterprise.

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