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Spend the festival in Ningbo, books warm people's hearts
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On the morning of January 25, Haishu District Cultural Center and Haishu District Library came to Guangbo Group and sent a heavy greeting before the festival.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, the atmosphere of Chinese New Year is getting stronger and stronger. Haishu District Cultural Center and Haishu District Library come to Guangbo Group with 2000 brand-new books. This unique new year's gift makes the employees who stay in Ningbo not only feel the strong blessing from Ningbo, but also the beautiful traditional culture of Ningbo.At the same time, Haishu District Cultural Center also brought 100 New Year couplets to Guangbo Group employees, each of which was written by Ningbo famous calligraphers, and each one was full of festival blessings.

Guangbo Group, as a model unit of Ningbo staff library, has been attracting much attention.This time, Haishu District Library not only gives gifts to the staff, but also hopes to build Guangbo library into a pilot of Haishu District Library. Guangbo staff can borrow books from any electronic library in the city besides Guangbo library by virtue of the book card, and they can choose to borrow books in any library, which is convenient for the staff.The staff of Haishu District Library also handled the card for those who are interested in borrowing.

Books are the ladder of human progress. Reading can warm people's heart. During the Spring Festival, I hope that the employees who stay in Ningbo can feel the lively atmosphere of the new year and feel like at home as well.

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