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Vice Mayor Li Guanding visited Guangbo group
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On the afternoon of January 20, Li Guanding, vice mayor of Ningbo, led the municipal bureau of commerce, municipal local financial administration, Municipal Taxation Bureau, Ningbo Customs and other functional departments to Guangbo Group to investigate the recent situation of foreign trade enterprises, accompanied by Bo Huimin, member of Haishu District Standing Committee.Vice Mayor Li visited Guangbo comprehensive exhibition hall and sample center successively, and asked hot issues about product sales from time to time.

In the report hall on the first floor, chairman Wang Liping made an enterprise report to Vice Mayor Li Guanding. He said that last year, with the strong support of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and departments at all levels, Guangbo Group started epidemic prevention deployment and resumption of work and production according to the work instructions, and successfully completed the annual sales target, especially the cross-border e-commerce of foreign trade plate seized the boom of e-commerce during the epidemic period and set sail against the trend.In the future, Guangbo group will accelerate the construction of its own platform, get rid of the restrictions of the third-party platform, lay the foundation for the long-term development of e-commerce, and strengthen the overseas brand effect, so as to enhance the international competitiveness and initiative.

After hearing this, vice mayor Li said that Guangbo Group, as an old manufacturing enterprise, can still accomplish the tasks of the whole year in the severe epidemic situation, which is not easy.As for Guangbo's future, he pointed out that foreign trade should not only be "trading", but also establish a mode of global resource allocation to boost the construction of China's global supply chain. Guangbo's cross-border trade platform is a good help.

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