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Seeing because of believing——2021 economic work conference concluded successfully
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On January 23, 2021, Guangbo Group held the 2021 annual economic work conference, which was attended by senior leaders and middle-level management cadres of the group company.General manager Wang Junping reviewed and summarized the work in 2020, deployed the work and development direction in 2021. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, attended the meeting and made an important speech.

Before the conference, the participants carefully read a letter to nanoman written by Mr. Wang himself, watched a short clip about how the nano company started from scratch and how Boqian new material was successfully listed, reminding all management cadres of the hardships of entrepreneurship and the difficulty of success.

After the formal start of the meeting, general manager Wang Junping pointed out in his work report: affected by the epidemic situation in 2020, despite the twists and turns, facing the challenges and the resumption of epidemic prevention, the company has overcome difficulties, actively planned, completed the work objectives set at the beginning of the year, and achieved positive results.It is difficult to expand domestic and foreign markets, but by digging new channels and platforms, we have exceeded the target. As a whole, the company has maintained the general tone of steady progress. New material projects have been listed and real estate performance has increased. Vietnam production base has become an important help to foreign trade business expansion, and the positive factors to promote high-quality development have gradually increased.As for the work plan for the new year, Mr. Wang said that all departments should unswervingly fight for profits, for benefits and for survival, strengthen their confidence, drum up their energy, and take the measures of doing well in practice to take the road of high-quality development in 2021!

Subsequently, the person in charge of each branch made a statement and reported the work plan for the new year to the conference. At the conference, an on-site contract signing ceremony was held for the two holding subsidiaries.

As an important part of the economic work conference, chairman Wang Liping delivered an important speech entitled "seeing because of believing".He said that in 2020, influenced by COVID-19, it was a very extraordinary year. It was also a challenging year to tackle challenges. The group worked hard to protect the market and protect orders. All the efforts were made to push forward Guangbo economic upside. At the same time, we hoped that all members of the member enterprises should learn from nano people step by step to achieve their mission and sense of faith in their life goals,do more things and take more responsibilities.Next year, the group will actively promote scientific management, younger personnel, data-based assessment, and institutionalized distribution. It will do everything possible to stabilize the domestic economy, recognize the situation, and grasp the foreign economic dynamic.In the future, we should make more efforts to improve the production efficiency and management efficiency, speed up the pace of innovation, speed up the progress of reform, optimize the talent system, take "brand development" as the goal, and spare no effort to explore emerging markets, so as to realize the extension of brand effect.

The meeting also solemnly commended the outstanding management cadres and listened to the company's internal audit report.

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