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Micro class, big knowledge ---Guangbo micro class competition ends successfully
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On January 13, Guangbo Group's "knowledge sharing, wisdom Guangbo" micro class competition came to an end smoothly.Based on their own work content, colleagues from various departments presented wonderful lectures.

Careful PPT, simple words, detailed operation steps, Let the colleagues who are not engaged in the work of the module also listen with relish, and even some people patiently take notes.

Guangbo, as a group company, has many business sectors, and each post has its own unique features.From the operation skills of front-line workers, to the verbal skills of sales personnel, from the documentary method of statistical posts to the management and inspection of safety production, excellent post practical experience is a valuable resource for the rapid precipitation of enterprise organization experience and the formation of enterprise's own knowledge base.

After a tense speech, Sun Zhongbo from Shandong office won the first prize for his outstanding sales skills. Ke Shangwei of the printing branch won the second prize, and Hu Xianbao of the Stationery branch won the third prize.Wang Sansan and Liu Meijuan won the "best content award", Wang Lei won the "best popularity award", Wu Junjie and Jin Juanjuan won the "best lecturer award" and "best creativity award" respectively.

Through this competition, I hope that every member of Guangbo can participate in the micro classroom, so that knowledge and experience can be shared.

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