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Guangbo Group successfully held 2021 annual work planning and budget meeting
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In order to scientifically plan the layout of 2021 and practically complete the development tasks of the new year, Guangbo Group held the work planning and budget meeting for 2021 on January 11 and 12. Person in charge of each module and department reported to the senior leaders of the group company in 2020 and communicate and confirm the 2021 budget.

At the meeting, we had a full exchange on the three major financial data of sales, expenses and profits, as well as on aspects such as planning business expansion, staff streamlining, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, and reform and innovation. We conducted in-depth investigation and analysis of the existing problems, formulated feasible rectification plans, and deployed higher goals.

Wang Junping, general manager of Guangbo Group, pointed out that although the past year has been extremely difficult due to the impact of the environment, it is not easy for companies and systems to achieve these achievements. In 2021, more obvious progress must be made in order to gain a firm foothold in the current of the times. He hoped that companies and departments would work hard, tap potential, drive innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and demand themselves with higher standards.

Wang Liping, chairman of the group, delivered an important speech. Looking back on the past year, the most dazzling achievement of the group company is the listing of Boqian new materials. But behind the highlight is the shadow of everyone's efforts.Nowadays, at the critical juncture of coexisting crises, we must not be complacent with our current achievements. On the contrary, we must be mentally prepared, encourage the way forward with the spirit of nano listing, constantly innovate the situation in our work, strive to double sales, profits and market value, and create a new Guangbo in the new year.

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