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Fusion ·rebirth |Guangbo stationery 2020 year-end marketing conference concluded successfully
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In order to review and summarize the gains and losses of the work in 2020, unify the thinking of the whole staff, boost the team morale, and open the curtain for the work in 2021, the achievements of the past year are used to motivate the whole staff to start the hard work in the new year.On January 5, Guangbo stationery held a 2020 year-end marketing conference with the theme of "fusion · rebirth" in the group headquarters. The general manager of the group, leaders of industrial companies, leaders of various functional departments and sales elites of the office gathered together to participate in the conference.

President Jiang and President Lin, the general managers of the industrial company, summarized the overall work in 2020 and issued the work plan for 2021.In this year, we continuously launched new products, developed new customers, opened up new markets and made new achievements.

The director of each sales channel issues the work summary of each channel in 2020 and the work plan in 2021. Each sales team, step by step, has accumulated capital from sureness and diligence, completed the channel expansion and performance improvement, and strived to show the best Guangbo to customers.

The person in charge of each section of the product department and the design department also successively released the work summary for 2020 and the work plan for 2021.Product strength determines the core competitiveness of the brand. The product department and design department work together to provide ammunition support for the sales line.

The heads of operation, quality inspection, finance and other back office departments also spoke one after another to summarize the work of their respective sections in 2020, and put forward the optimization and improvement plan for the work in 2021, so as to provide more comprehensive and detailed guarantee for the sales front line.

2020 is an extraordinary year, under the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, which has great impact on the overall economy, through the tireless efforts of the staff of Guangbo stationery, the performance in 2020 has not decreased, but has proved the strength and potential of Guangbo stationery. It also reflects the toughness and strength of all Guangbo people.

In this regard, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, gave high praise and affirmation, and the conference also solemnly commended and rewarded individuals and groups with outstanding performance in 2020.

In the special period, for security reasons, the local offices were unable to attend the meeting on site, but they synchronized "cloud participation" through video connection, participated in all aspects of the scene together, and had interactive exchanges with the venue.Although we can't get together at the moment, our hearts are still closely linked, looking forward to the reunion when spring is warm and flowers are blooming.

While sharing the honor, we still need to face up to the fact that the achievements at this stage are far from the grand goals set by the company, and the road to struggle is long and difficult.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Junping, the general manager of the group company, delivered a speech entitled "gather the aspirations of the masses, strive for new development".  With his own management experience and combined with the current sales difficulties that plagued the front-line business personnel, he made a detailed analysis from multiple angles, put forward his own experience, and encourage all Guangbo people to give full play to the spirit of overcoming difficulties and unremitting struggle. They are not afraid of failure, not trying to make a big splash, and firmly believe that only by accumulating a lot can they achieve real success.

This year-end marketing meeting summed up the gains and losses of 2020, made clear the direction of 2021, encouraged the morale of all staff, strengthened the team cohesion, and promoted the work in the new year.We have set sail in 2021, and all Guangbo people will stick to our goal and continue to forge ahead.

As Mr. Lin said, because I believe, I see. With dreams in your heart, light in your eyes, road under your feet and faith in your heart, you will eventually see the sea of stars that belongs to you.

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