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Leaders of Haishu district federation of trade unions come to Guangbo to send their best wishes
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On December 29, Lu Weigong, chairman of Haishu  district federation of trade unions, and Wu Daolin, director of 81890, came to Guangbo Group with fruits to send new year's wishes to the workers in advance.

Accompanied by Shu Yueping, chairman of Guangbo trade union, the leaders first expressed cordial sympathy to the workers, from the ticket purchase of the Spring Festival transportation to the epidemic prevention measures after returning home.Shu Yueping said that many workers have been in Guangbo for more than 10 years, and they seem to have become his relatives.Every new year's day, he would go to the staff dormitory to celebrate the Spring Festival with the staff left in Ningbo.

Finally, Chairman Lu and director Wu of the Trade Union sent fruit gift boxes to the workers, hoping that they would have a happy and sweet new year.

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