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Guangbo Group held business etiquette training meeting
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On December 24, the business etiquette training was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of Guangbo administration building. Mr. Shu Yueping, CEO of Guangbo, explained the importance of business etiquette in interpersonal communication with his personal experience.

Mr. Shu, taking things in work and travel as an example, explained that paying attention to etiquette is not only respect for others, but also respect for oneself.Mr. Shu specially pointed out that Guangbo group now has two listed companies. Everyone's words and deeds outside represent the company. They must reflect the style of listed companies. They must be polite in dealing with people, dressing and talking.

After the meeting, the participants expressed that they had benefited a lot. They promised that they would pay attention to their words and deeds in future work, start from themselves, play a leading role, and contribute to Guangbo positive energy culture.

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