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Guangbo Group was awarded the title of "contribution enterprise" by China Association of cultural, educational and sporting goods
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The 4th (enlarged) meeting of the 8th Council of China cultural, educational and sporting goods was held in Shanghai Holiday Hotel from November 17 to 19. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Peisheng, vice president of the association.Chairman Yi Xiaoli, on behalf of the culture, education and Sports Goods Association, made a work report entitled "gather together to inspire the spirit, create a new situation of high-quality development in the sporting goods industry".At the meeting, Chairman Yi announced novel coronavirus pneumonia and the 2020 advanced industry unit.Our company has been awarded the title of "outstanding contribution unit in fighting against epidemic situation and returning to work and production".

Our two products have won the "Golden Award" and "functional design award" respectively.

The award-winning products were displayed and awarded at Paperworld China China International Stationery and office supplies exhibition from November 19 to 21.

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