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Fruitful in autumn and abundant talents---Guangbo Group held internal competition meeting for reserve cadres
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On November 4, it is cool, but the temperature in the digital training hall is burning, because there is a hard-working and enterprising competition, which is performing a dream and passion pursuit. Guangbo reserve cadres are making internal competition speech. The atmosphere is in full swing.

In the new era, the selection of talents should not only focus on "distance", but also look around. As the training object of the future management of the company, reserve cadres need to choose carefully.Using internal competition is not only to meet the needs of the company's business development and reserve management talents, but also to build a platform for outstanding employees to display their talents and create equal opportunities for competition.

The nine contestants competed for different positions, such as workshop director, team leader and technologist. They gave speeches on their years of work experience, work highlights and management planning, and made on-site defense.All of them are senior employees of Guangbo. Some of them even set up families during their working period, achieving a double harvest in their career and life.Their speeches may not be so professional, but their tone is sincere and their words are simple. Every word is a summary of years' hard work in the front line, and every word is a loyal love of Guangbo from the heart.

After the contestants finished their speeches, Shu Yueping, the group's chief executive, made a speech. He believed that the competition for talents is becoming increasingly fierce and the internal competition must be normalized, so as to give more excellent employees the opportunity to stand out and become leading cadres.Manager Shu also stressed that today's competition stage belongs to every player, and the outstanding ones are the highlight of this stage. The company has just built a platform.At the same time, focusing on the corporate culture, general manager Shu made three conclusions on the internal competition for appointment of reserve cadres. First, talent training should be regarded as an important part of the company's sustainable development, and every link should provide opportunities for excellent talents to show. Talent is the basic force to ensure that Guangbo walks in the forefront of the industry.Second, each department should provide convenient channels for the promotion of employees. The recommendation of leaders not only makes outstanding talents, but also creates a good enterprise atmosphere. Third, managers should put staff safety and product quality in an important position. Any achievement should not be at the cost of employee safety, and any product must be based on quality.Finally, general manager Shu expressed his hope that everyone can surpass themselves and surpass the present!

The successful candidates in this competition will be formally included in the reserve cadre talent pool of Guangbo, and will be arranged with corresponding training, job rotation and other comprehensive quality improvement work. After training, those who pass the examination will be selected to the corresponding posts, which will become the solid strength of Guangbo in the future.

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