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Guangbo held a double festival party
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On the evening of September 28, the gala party of "welcoming National Day & Mid Autumn Festival" of Guangbo Group was held in Guangbo harmonious home auditorium. More than 300 group leaders, management cadres and staff representatives attended the party. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive of the group, attended the party and delivered a speech. On behalf of the Party committee, he expressed heartfelt thanks to the staff for their hard work and extended cordial greetings to the festival!

The gala party opened in the dance "China, China". The dynamic and passionate dance showed the staff's respect and pride for the great motherland. The song "red jujube tree" deeply expressed the new Guangbo people's attachment to their hometown and their holiday friendship to their relatives. The dance "our home" performed by Chehedu Chunfeng Art Troupe shows gratitude, great love, passion and harmonious life attitude, and depicts the warm scene of a harmonious family in Guangbo home. The song "go together on this road" reflects Guangbo people's good mentality of not fearing difficulties, being positive and enterprising, being united. The programs directed and performed by the staff have won the applause, laughter and warm applause of the audience.

The evening party was full of songs and dances, relaxed and joyful. The versatile Guangbo people praise the great motherland and respect the traditional festivals with their own unique ways, showing their delicate feelings, full of self-confidence, patriotism and enterprising spirit.

The party was hosted by the Youth League Committee of Guangbo Group and co-organized by the human resources department and general affairs department of Guangbo Group.

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