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Employee empowerment is in progress
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At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the human resources department of the group, in conjunction with various functional departments, carefully organized and orderly launched the continuous training mode, so as to build Guangbo ladder for staff empowerment and promotion in the post epidemic era.

In order to do this work well, boost enterprise innovation management and realize knowledge efficiency, the company upgraded the digital lecture hall, configured a new generation of projection camera equipment, and optimized the learning hard environment. Implement the expansion of enterprise OA, open Guangbo cloud learning function, and strengthen the knowledge seeking soft platform. In order to consolidate the foundation of "all staff learning", the human resources department, on the one hand, excavates the "intellectual high point" courseware of management cadres, which is listed in the company's intellectual assets list. On the other hand, through the "pairing of masters and apprentices", inherit and carry forward the "old crafts" of Guangbo craftsmen.

The high-quality development of enterprises requires employees to stride to high-energy level. In particular, how to make "new blood" become the "pacesetter" as soon as possible is the era topic faced by every excellent enterprise. Guangbo carried out empowerment, specialization and targeted training, so as to expand the "pool" of talents and open up the "new channel" for staff promotion.

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