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Guangbo group human resource management system construction kick-off meeting was held smoothly
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On the morning of October 12, the kick-off meeting for the construction of human resource management system of Guangbo Group was successfully held in the digital training hall. More than 100 heads of branches, modules and departments participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhu Dong of Shanghai Yejiang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. publicized and implemented the project implementation, detailed the project methodology and expected results, and made clear the project time node and work flow of each stage.

After that, Wang Junping, general manager of Guangbo group, made a mobilization speech and put forward three requirements for this system construction project: First, each person in charge should attach great importance to the implementation of the "first leader" project. Second, it should be implemented in accordance with the principles of steady progress, step-by-step, positive benchmarking and no comparison. Third, it should be carried out in coordination with other management systems, especially in the organic combination with next year's budget management and SAP enterprise information management. 

Human is the most active factor in an enterprise, and it is also the key factor to promote the development of an enterprise. Through the construction of human resource system, Guangbo aims to sort out the current situation, improve and upgrade, formulate standards, reflect the specialty, clarify the goal, and stimulate the potential, so as to maximize the enthusiasm of the staff.

In the future, the company will conduct department by department interviews on the diagnosis of the project and promote it in stages.

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