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Guangbo Group carried out health consultation service activities
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In order to improve the health knowledge level of employees, enhance their awareness of self-protection of health, and enable them to enjoy free health care services at home, the company organized eight day health consultation activities focusing on health examination, TCM consultation and TCM physiotherapy.

In this activity, health consultants from Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to provide door-to-door service, and set up sites in the administrative office building and production service center to provide free health consultation services for more than 400 employees.

Guangbo has always attached great importance to the physical and mental health of its employees. In addition to establishing a health center in Guangbo Industrial Park to provide daily medical services, it also carries out physical examination, free clinic, health consultation, outdoor fitness, sports competition and other beneficial activities every year, which embodies the concern of employees in daily life and the performance of corporate responsibility in health, which is welcomed by employees.

 Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the overall grasp of health status, pays attention to individualization, and emphasizes the prevention of disease. It has definite clinical effect, flexible treatment mode and prominent health care function. It is a unique health service resource in China. Traditional Chinese medicine health service is an activity to maintain and improve people's physical and mental health by using the concept, method and technology of traditional Chinese medicine.

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