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Guangbo group held the fifth Executive (expanded) working conference in 2020
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On the afternoon of September 15, Guangbo Group held the fifth Executive (expanded) working conference in 2020. This meeting is a very important meeting held in the post epidemic era when the risks of economic uncertainty at home and abroad have increased and profound changes have taken place in Sino US relations. It is of positive significance to resolve all kinds of unfavorable factors, promote the healthy and stable development of various work, ensure the realization of the annual economic development goals, and plan the next stage of high-quality development of the Group.

Wang Liping, chairman of the group, Wang Junping, general manager and other senior leaders of the group attended the meeting. Some members of the Party committee of the group, representatives of the management personnel of each company, some modules and departments attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was presided over by Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Guangbo Group.

After listening to the economic indicators and work reports of the group company and its branches in the pre-2020 period, Wang Junping pointed out: looking back on the work from January to August, the company actively resolved the impact of the epidemic situation, and maintained a stable and orderly operation by taking advantage of its strong points and avoiding its weaknesses and focusing on management. In the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, we must strengthen the strength and courage of market development and sales quality improvement, be good at finding new opportunities in crisis, dare to seek growth in breakthrough, strengthen security based on improving the plan, be good at tapping the potential of procurement, reduce costs, be diligent in taking digital management and automation transformation to improve efficiency, and achieve the purpose of strengthening physical fitness and enhancing competitiveness through a series of combination boxing.

Then Wang Liping made a comprehensive summary of the meeting. He said that in the complex and severe external environment, the whole group worked hard to resolve various problems around the objectives at the beginning of the year to ensure that the objectives were not relaxed throughout the year, and the achievements were worthy of recognition. He stressed that in planning the work of the fourth quarter, first of all, we should integrate our thoughts and actions into the tasks of the whole year. All companies and modules must focus on the order to ensure production, actively expand the supply chain, open up the industrial chain, and ensure the completion of the annual target. The four major centers of administration, finance, law and production service must focus on the long-term development of the enterprise. They should consider the cultural mission, personnel training, accurate accounting, full staff assessment, legal guidance, risk resolution, service guarantee, and scientific and technological guidance, carefully organize, carefully deploy and implement them, so as to make contributions for a long time, guide the enterprise culture with positive energy and highlight hard data to show Guangbo’s strength..

Finally, Chairman Wang made a forward-looking plan on the group's main work, development goals and economic indicators of each company in 2021, and shared the group's medium and long-term development strategy for 3-5 years, seeking from the top and down, promising prospects, becoming bigger and stronger, and forging ahead!

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