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Guangbo Group carried out anti corruption education and learning activities
Release time:2020-08-19 Browse times:951

In order to further strengthen the integrity education and culture construction of the Group, on the morning of August 19,the Group company organized more than 70 members of the commission for discipline inspection, secretaries of all branches, and all purchasing staff of all departments and branches to visit the anti-corruption education base of the people's procuratorate of Fenghua district and listen to lectures on duty-related crime warning education.

After the visit, everyone unanimously reflected that this educational activity was intuitive and vivid. It was a spiritual baptism to educate the people around us with the things around us and to build up the legal defense line with the cases. They said that they would strictly implement various regulations on integrity and self-discipline, abide by national laws and regulations, and jointly create a clean and honest atmosphere for enterprises.

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