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Thousands of stores in thousands of cities, butterfly changes into new life---Guangbo stationery 2020 China marketing conference concluded successfully
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In order to summarize marketing experience, boost team morale and further promote the company's business development,from July 31 to August 2, Guangbo Stationery Co., Ltd. held a mid-2020 marketing conference with the theme of "thousands of stores in thousands of cities, butterfly changing into new life" at the headquarters of Guangbo Group. The general manager of the group company, the executive vice manager of the industrial company, the managers of various functional departments and the elites of all offices in China gathered together to participate in the meeting.

Summary of the recovery, butterfly into a new life

The meeting comprehensively summarized the business completion of Guangbo stationery in the first half of the year, and put forward a new plan for the business development in the second half of the year.In the case of novel coronavirus pneumonia, which has great impact on the national economy as a whole, through the efforts of all staff of the stationery industry, the performance in 2020 has not decreased but increased, and has successfully completed the first half of the year's business objectives, and once again proved the strong strength of Guangbo stationery.

Therefore, Mr. Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, highly praised and affirmed, and made a grand commendation and reward to the individuals and groups with outstanding performance in the first half of 2020.

At the same time, representatives of each office had a wonderful exchange and sharing with functional departments on marketing methods, customer service and self-improvement in the first half of 2020.All functional department managers present also put forward practical safeguard measures to provide full support for the marketing front line.

Theoretical training has benefited a lot

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Junping, the general manager of the group company, also gave a vivid and rich training course of sales management practice in the way of practice and teaching by means of practice and personal experience, which has broadened the vision and increased the ability for the Guangbo salesmen, and inspired the present Guangbo people with his own experience, and pointed out the direction for the future work.

Dare to dream, dare to do, all the way forward

In addition, the company specially invited experienced sales management experts and professional training teams to open a one-day extension training team in Fenghua, Ningbo, to strengthen the cohesion and creativity of the team, and cultivate the correct sense of team competition and good team spirit.

Learn from China Iron Army to build a sales team

Role orientation of team building

Common goal of team building + 100% execution

Mission of team building

The three-day marketing meeting not only summed up the gains and losses, clarified the direction, but also encouraged the morale of Guangbo people, strengthened the team awareness, and played a huge role in promoting the effective development of future work.When the wind is strong and the tide is surging, we should set sail to break the waves.The journey of the second half of 2020 has already started, and all the Guangbo people will forge ahead and continue to move forward.

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