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Guangbo cloud school - learn to meet a better self
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Dear friends,

Hello, everyone, in line with the core idea of building a learning organization, and in order to improve everyone's learning experience, Guangbo cloud school online training system is specially set up. After one month's selection, testing and preparation, Guangbo cloud school online training system is finally going to meet her partners. Here is her personal information. Come and have a look.

Name: Guangbo cloud school online training system

Date of birth: July 25, 2020

Take her home:

First:OA platform access

1.    Log in through the OA interface (no need to input the account password twice), and the specific operation is as follows:       


Second: Web direct login

1.    Can be directly through the http://guangbo.yunxuetang.cn Enter the login interface. The login account is the job number and the initial password is 123456.

Third: Xuanxing app enters

 1. Enter the mobile app mall, search for "dazzle star" or scan the QR code

2. After downloading and installing, click enter, select account password to login (account number is job number, initial password is 123456)

3. Enter domain name: guangbo.yunxuetang.cn , click login to enter the home page

10 reasons why you fall in love with her:

1. Constant internal training: you can browse all internal open courses of Guangbo University in 2020 on the platform

2. Massive courses: you can browse nearly a thousand external classic courses on the platform: leadership and management, marketing and sales, career skills and professionalism, financial manpower and administrative office, etc. (updated in succession)

3. Accompany at any time: you can use the mobile app to pre download the course, and use the fragmented time of commuting to harvest growth anytime and anywhere

4. Team growth: if you are the team leader, you can set up learning plans for your employees and keep abreast of the learning progress

5. Personality setting: you can upload your avatar, set your ownGuangbo learning account, and always master your own learning pace

6. Sharing and uploading: you can upload your favorite courses to the platform and share them with colleagues and friends for learning together

7. Sharing notes: you can share electronic notes and share learning experience with more colleagues

8. Community communication: you can discuss, ask questions, evaluate, or even make complaints about the learning community.

9. Account promotion: all of the above actions will generate account growth value, and you will also experience the super God Road from Xiaobai to King

10. Guangbo straight A student: we will publish your dynamic credits in real time on the homepage, and mysterious prizes are waiting for the birth of "Guangbo straight A student"

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and log in.

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