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Three enterprises in Haishu District were awarded the title of Ningbo poverty alleviation labor cooperation love enterprise
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Recently, at the scene of the centralized licensing of caring enterprises in poverty alleviation in Ningbo,Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd., Jun He Pump Stock Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Eisen Accessories Co., Ltd. in Haishu District were rated as labor cooperation and caring enterprises.

Since 2018, Haishu District, in accordance with the basic requirements of "targeted poverty alleviation ", has made every effort to strengthen the labor cooperation with Zhenfeng county and Yilong new district, which are the counterpart support of the East and the West. Up to now, more than 500 people have been admitted to the corresponding places for filing. During the whole region's efforts to win the battle against poverty, enterprises in Haishu District actively undertake corporate social responsibility and participate in labor cooperation and assistance activities. They have provided jobs for the poor people, and contributed a lot in helping counterparts win the battle of poverty alleviation.

"The enterprise has established a long-term labor cooperation relationship with counterpart help areas through the linkage of human resources and social sectors, and the enterprise has provided caring jobs for nearly 100 poverty-stricken households." Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive of Guangbo Group, who attended the event, said after the meeting that enterprises will continue to actively participate in the cause of poverty alleviation through labor cooperation.

From “Haishu district human resources and social security bureau”

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