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Qiu Dongyao, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party committee and mayor, visited Guangbo for investigation and guidance
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On the afternoon of March 24, Qiu Dongyao, deputy secretary of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and mayor of Ningbo City, and his group visited Guangbo group for inspection and guidance, accompanied by Wang Liping, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, and Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company.

Qiu Dongyao and his party visited the production workshop and got a detailed understanding of Guangbo's resumption of work. He expressed satisfaction with Guangbo's measures of "machine replacement" and "intelligent workshop" and the strategy of "boutique" production, and encouraged Guangbo to continue to increase investment in innovation, reform and scientific and technological research and development. At the same time, the recruitment strategies of Guangbo, such as "bringing the old with the new", "online recruitment" and "chartered car transfer", have also been highly affirmed by Qiu Dongyao. He said that at present, the city's prevention and control of the new crown epidemic has become stable. It is a critical moment for enterprises to seize the opportunity to resume production. Enterprises should focus on research and development, production and return to the normal track of development at full speed.

Later, Wang Liping introduced the central work and future planning of Guangbo in recent period to Qiu Dongyao and his party. He said that, on the premise of ensuring that the work of epidemic prevention is not slackened, the work of production and operation has been carried out in a solid way by Guangbo. On one hand, we should give full play to the synergy of Suqian base in Jiangsu Province and Vietnam base overseas to maximize production capacity. On the other hand, we should actively implement the strategy of introducing high-tech talents and enrich the fresh blood of innovation and development. He also pointed out that while based on the main industry of light industry stationery, Guangbo will continue to take solid steps towards the "deep water area" of industrial transformation and upgrading, increase the exploration of new material electronics, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, and take this opportunity to let enterprises continue to innovate on the road of diversified development. Wang Liping also stressed that while making the enterprise bigger, Guangbo will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations and make contributions to the realization of regional coordinated development and economic growth.

Qiu Dongyao highly praised and fully affirmed Guangbo’s perfect industrial planning and development concept. He hoped that Guangbo could continue to consolidate its innovation pace, strengthen its development momentum, and plan for the future based on the present.

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