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Weng Lumin, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party group of the Municipal People's Congress and her delegation visited Guangbo for investigation
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On the morning of March 20, Weng Lumin, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party group of Ningbo Municipal People's Congress, and her delegation came to Guangbo group to investigate and guide the resumption of work. Wang Liping, deputy to the National People's Congress, secretary of the Party committee of Guangbo group and chairman of Guangbo group accompanied the investigation.

Wang Liping introduced the situation of Guangbo epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production to the research team in detail. At the beginning of returning to work, Guangbo took the initiative to "rob employees" through various measures such as charter flights and buses, rushed to Yunnan, Guizhou, Anhui, Sichuan, Henan and other places to pick up employees, and carried out new coronavirus nucleic acid test for all employees to ensure their safety on duty. Up to now, the arrival rate of Guangbo's first-line production posts has reached 90%, and the production line's production rate has reached more than 95%. He pointed out that on the premise of keeping the epidemic prevention work tight, we should give full play to the synergistic effect of Suqian base and overseas base to ensure the maximum production capacity. He also pointed out that while doing a good job in the stationery main industry, Guangbo will continue to take solid steps towards the "deep water area" of industrial transformation and upgrading, increase the exploration of new material electronics, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, and take this opportunity to let enterprises continue to innovate on the road of diversified development. Wang Liping also stressed that while making the enterprise bigger, Guangbo will continue to fulfill its social responsibility and responsibility spirit, and make contributions to the realization of regional coordinated development and economic growth.

Weng Lumin highly praised and fully affirmed the anti epidemic measures taken by Guangbo, the results of resumption of work and production, the continuous testing of new industries, and the development strategy of actively promoting transformation and upgrading. She expressed the hope that Guangbo could guard against arrogance and impetuosity and move forward diligently, and raised ardent expectations. She hoped that chairman Wang Liping would make the traditional industry bigger and the new material industry more refined. Continue to shoulder the sense of responsibility and mission of NPC deputies and put forward good suggestions. And wish Guangbo achieve the grand goal of "thousands of stores in thousands of cities" as soon as possible.

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