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Spring in March warmth of Guangbo
Release time:2020-03-07 Browse times:1607

The epidemic situation is callous and merciless, but Guangbo is full of great love. At the coming of the women's day, Guangbo has also prepared a thoughtful gift for every female employee, so that they can spend a warm festival.

This gift is a set of exquisite spoon chopsticks set, including pink, green and beige these three colors, with exquisite packaging, beautiful shape and convenient use. It can be kept by itself or given to others as a companion gift.

The gifts are light but the feelings are heavy. In this special period, the staff are grateful and gratified to receive such a special gift. Considering the problem of dining utensils during the epidemic, Guangbo has chosen such gifts, which are both practical and beautiful, and can bring a fresh breath and warm atmosphere to people in this extraordinary period.

Care for employees' life and pay attention to employees' psychology, which is the corporate culture that Guangbo has always been doing and will stick to for a long time. In the future, Guangbo will have more warm-hearted activities and more thoughtful gifts to bring to everyone.

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