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Guangbo holds the first staff congress in 2020
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On the afternoon of March 5, Guangbo group held the first staff congress in 2020, which was attended by 40 staff representatives from the production line, stock logistics, administrative finance and other functional departments, and attended by Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive of the group company.

At the meeting, Shu Yueping introduced Guangbo's epidemic prevention work to the staff representatives. He said that with the joint efforts of all employees, the anti epidemic work of Guangbo group has achieved phased results. Through the measures of "two passes for temperature detection", "one table for one" dining system and "dead corner cleaning and disinfection", the possibility of virus transmission and employee infection has been effectively eliminated. At present, all the staff are in normal condition, and all the work of the company is also being carried out in an orderly manner.

Shuyueping pointed out that although the epidemic situation has been gradually weakened in the near future, all employees still need to keep their nerves tight, always remember to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and ventilate more. At the same time, they should pay attention to personal hygiene, cut off the boarding route and transmission possibility of the virus.

Finally, he encouraged everyone to put in a right attitude, adjust their state of mind, and devote themselves to the next stage of work with full enthusiasm. The epidemic will eventually pass and victory will be ahead.

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