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Welcome to our new home – Guangbo chartered shuttle bus to pick up employees
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In the night of March 1, three buses carrying more than 50 Guizhou employees entered Guangbo Industrial Park. With the help of the staff of Guangbo group, these employees successfully stayed in the dormitory.

They are all from Zhenfeng county and Yilong new district, Qianxinan prefecture, Guizhou province, and they are the first-line productive forces introduced by Guangbo. In the next step, they will inject new force into the resumption work of Guangbo, and make every effort to promote the resumption of production capacity of Guangbo, and embark on the normal production and operation track.

Since the resumption of work, Guangbo, on the one hand, has actively called on Party members and cadres to fill the frontline, on the other hand, increased the introduction of talents, made every effort to seize talents, and made every effort to help the resumption of production. It is reported that Guangbo has always been practicing its social responsibility of "helping the poor and helping the development of Southwest China". The arrival of new employees is also the result of this concept. This time, Guangbo, on the one hand, mobilized the local old employees to bring in the new with all their strength. On the other hand, it launched online recruitment through the network, contacted the vehicles early, and made the slogan of "pick you up at home", drove into each village and community all the way, ensuring that there was no contact between the employees. In fact, as early as a week ago, Guangbo has received a group of more than 40 old employees through the special plane of Haishu district government.

Next, Guangbo will continue to try to hire cars to help more southwest employees return to work.

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