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Xu Jialong, general manager of Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company, visited Guangbo
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On the afternoon of February 26, Xu Jialong, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company, and his delegation visited Guangbo for guidance. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and president of the group company, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive accompanied.

Xu Jialong had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s epidemic prevention work and resumption of work, and gave a high evaluation. He pointed out that the multi-channel inspection checkpoints set by Guangbo are effective and accelerate the resumption of work. He also spoke highly of Guangbo's ability to mobilize party members and cadres to charge the first-line production, and pointed out that Zhejiang Ningbo power supply company will do a good job in logistical support to ensure the power consumption of enterprises returning to work.

Wang Liping said that Guangbo attached great importance to the new coronavirus. On the one hand, it donated money and materials to support the anti epidemic front line in the first time. On the other hand, it quickly established an emergency response team for epidemic prevention, strengthened internal control and hidden danger investigation in an all-round way, and effectively ensured the promotion of the resumption of production. He stressed that since the resumption of work, Guangbo has been fighting for talents and market for the first time, and is making every effort to restore production capacity and normal operation.

Xu Jialong pointed out that Guangbo has made great efforts in epidemic prevention and return to work, and also made outstanding contributions. He hoped that in the future, Guangbo could continue to grasp the reality of development, enhance the power of innovation and create greater value.

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