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Zheng zhejie, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, visited Guangbo for investigation and guidance
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On the afternoon of February 26, Zheng zhejie, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhejiang provincial committee and Secretary of municipal committee, visited Guangbo group to investigate the prevention and control of new coronavirus and the resumption of production of enterprises. Wang Liping, party secretary and chairman of the group company, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Chief Executive accompanied.

Zheng zhejie and his team visited the Guangbo production workshop on the spot. He expressed satisfaction with Guangbo’s comprehensive anti epidemic measures and pointed out that the anti epidemic work should be continued. Later, Zheng zhejie and others visited Guangbo’s exhibition hall on the first floor and got a detailed understanding of the resumption of production, product research and development, market development, etc. When learning that Guangbo uses overseas bases to catch up with the construction period and guarantee orders, and mobilizes 100 party members and cadres of the group to join the production team, Zheng zhejie praises their flexible response measures, and requests relevant departments to strengthen the contact with the labor export counties outside the province according to the list provided by the enterprise, so as to help the employees from other parts of the enterprise return to Ningbo as soon as possible.

Wang Liping said that since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Guangbo group has been working together to actively respond to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. On the one hand, it has strictly controlled the health of returned employees, and on the other hand, it has carried out several epidemic prevention measures in the park, effectively alleviating the impact of the epidemic on the resumption of work. On this basis, Guangbo has launched in a wide range of channels, increased investment in innovation and R & D, accelerated overseas strategic layout, and actively implemented social responsibility. During the epidemic period, we have focused on strengthening the work of talent introduction, business development, market development, etc.

Zheng zhejie spoke highly of Guangbo's work of epidemic prevention and resumption of production. He encouraged Guangbo to increase the efforts of independent innovation, machine replacement and space replacement, and constantly improve the competitiveness and development efficiency of the enterprise. He encouraged Guangbo to make special contributions in this special period.

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