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Shen Min, vice mayor of Ningbo, visited Guangbo
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On the morning of February 26, Shen Min, vice mayor of Ningbo, and his party visited Guangbo group to investigate the prevention and control of new coronavirus and the resumption of production of enterprises. Wang Liping, party secretary and chairman of the group company, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Chief Executive accompanied.

Shen Min and his team have a deep understanding of Guangbo’s prevention work and the progress of the resumption of work. They are satisfied with the epidemic prevention measures such as "two passes for body temperature test", "one table for one person" dining system and three times daily disinfection in public areas. He pointed out that the prevention and control of the epidemic is an important basis for the resumption of production and work. He asked Guangbo to focus on restoring the production and operation to the normal track in the next stage, deal with the return of foreign employees quickly and safely, and ensure that both sides of the epidemic prevention and the resumption of production are focused on and hard.

Wang Liping said that since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Guangbo has set up an epidemic prevention and control group for the first time, and actively responded to the call of the municipal Party committee and government at two levels, strictly monitored the health indicators of employees, and carried out the disinfection work in the park in an all-round way. He pointed out that, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention, Guangbo is also actively robbing employees, stabilizing customers and returning to normal production and operation status at full speed. At present, a number of foreign employees have been taken back through shipping, railway, highway and other means of transportation. Next, Guangbo will continue to increase the efforts of talent introduction, innovation and upgrading, to achieve science and technology leading development, talent driven progress.

Shen Min expressed satisfaction with Guangbo's resumption of work and production in the fight against and prevention of epidemic diseases. He pointed out that we should continue to tighten the nerve line of epidemic prevention, find a breakthrough in development in the crisis, and lay a solid foundation for further transformation and upgrading.


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