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Guangbo carry out epidemic prevention and control in depth
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"We should always tighten the string of epidemic prevention, wear masks and wash hands frequently. It is better to go to and from work by private transportation." At 10:30 a.m. on February 11, in the hall of building 1 of Guangbo group, the invited staff of the district health and Health Bureau told several directors of the group's branch about the key points of epidemic prevention after the resumption of work. Later, these leaders will report to employees via wechat. This is the "first lesson of commencement" prepared by Guangbo group for the first batch of returned employees in a special period.

Preparations for the first day of Guangbo group's construction began a week ago. In fact, as early as the week before the resumption of work, the enterprise has successively disinfected the factory buildings and office areas for many times. And the human resources department of the group has also carried out a health check on the first batch of returned employees one by one.

After "the first lesson of work", it's lunch time. Most of the staff have their own meals, and only a few choose to go to the canteen "one person, one table". At lunchtime, the group's cleaning personnel have also started . They are disinfecting the public areas, paper towels, disinfectant water, hand sanitizer and other anti epidemic materials have also been placed in a prominent position in each plant area and office building, which is convenient for employees to use.

Guangbo’s epidemic prevention and killing work has been implemented in every detail. After returning to work, Guangbo has set up "two passes for temperature detection", which requires the group's security personnel to take a temperature measurement before the employees enter the park and each plant area, and requires the cleaning department to disinfect the public area three times a day to ensure safe production.

While doing a good job in epidemic prevention, Guangbo group is also gradually resuming production capacity. In the boutique book production workshop of Building 1, several machines are running at high speed. The operators on one side are wearing masks while operating. Other work such as packaging, binding and handling are also carried out in an orderly manner.

On the afternoon of the first day of work, a batch of notebooks worth 220000 yuan have been sent to Shanghai. In the special period, epidemic prevention and production must be carried out with both hands, so as to achieve the two goals. As the epidemic continues to be controlled, Guangbo will soon be able to return to production like previous years.

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