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Chu Mengxing, secretary of Haishu district committee, inspected Guangbo’s epidemic prevention work
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On the afternoon of February 11, Chu Mengxing, secretary of Haishu district committee and district chief, visited Guangbo group to investigate the epidemic prevention and production work. Wang Liping, secretary of Party committee and chairman of Guangbo group, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of Party committee and general manager of group and other senior leaders accompanied.

Chu Mengxing inspected the epidemic prevention facilities in Guangbo production workshop in detail and got a deep understanding of the epidemic prevention measures and the implementation of the epidemic prevention work. He said that Guangbo should carry out all work in an orderly and safe manner in strict accordance with the regulations of the District Committee and the district government on epidemic prevention, put the safety of employees first, and ensure that the anti epidemic materials such as masks and disinfectant water are implemented to every corner and every employee. At the same time, he also stressed that only on the basis of no loopholes and dead corners in epidemic prevention and control, can enterprises steadily carry out production and other work.

Wang Liping said that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Guangbo has always paid close attention to the latest situation of the development of the epidemic, and donated 2.5 million yuan to prevent and control the epidemic in the first time through the charity association of Haishu district. At the same time, during the development of the epidemic, the company actively launched the call of "no going out, no dinner, no going to crowded places" to local employees through telephone, Internet and other ways, and gave advice on the delayed return of non local employees to Ningbo. He said that during this period, the company also organized employees to carry out all-round disinfection work on the production workshop and office building site to ensure the safe and smooth resumption of work.

Chu Mengxing expressed his satisfaction with Guangbo’s epidemic prevention work. He stressed that he hoped that Guangbo would continue to keep up its efforts, firmly block the source of the epidemic and nip the signs of its spread. Finally, he said that the district Party committee and the district government will also provide strong guarantee for the enterprises during the period of returning to work, and will successively issue relevant policies to ensure that the enterprises are on the track of normal operation and development.



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