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Workshop production is booming, and everyone is helping
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The pace of the Spring Festival is approaching, and the atmosphere of the new year is becoming stronger. As we all put on lights and decorations to welcome the new year, every workshop of Guangbo is also a hot scene.

Just after the year 2020 has begun, Guangbo received a large number of orders, which was a good omen for the company's development in the new year. In response, it was the rush of first-line production. "There's a serious shortage of staff". "our workers have been working overtime for several days in a row"."If we go on like this, our workers will suffer from excessive fatigue, which will affect production efficiency." In the face of the shortage of people in the first line, employees from all branches and departments volunteered to go deep into the first line to relieve the pressure of production staff.

Since January 16, employees from administrative center, import and export company, industrial company and other branches and departments have come to various workshops continuously. Under the guidance of the workers, they began to stick stickers, turn over the books, pack and carry.  Although the work in the workshop was boring and hard, no one complained at all, and they were diligently completing their tasks together with the front-line workers. Even many employees said that they are part of Guangbo and have the responsibility to do their part for Guangbo's operation and development.

With the help of concerted efforts of everyone, Guangbo’s production and operation work has been guaranteed in an orderly way in recent days. The living pressure has also been effectively relieved, laying a solid foundation for the development of Guangbo in the new year.


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