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Seeking the present and developing the future--- Guangbo held 2020 working conference
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On January 10, Guangbo group held the 2020 economic work conference. Nearly 200 senior leaders, middle-level management cadres, sales representatives and business backbones of the group gathered together to review and summarize the annual work, find problems and deficiencies, and jointly plan the development direction of the new year. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and president of the group company attended the meeting and made an important speech. Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, made an annual work report.

At the meeting, general manager Wang Junping made a summary review on the work of the past year. He pointed out that in 2019, the company will review the situation, actively seek change, and fully promote the development of various work. The performance of new material real estate and other sectors has grown to a new high. The construction and operation of Vietnam's production base has become an important support for foreign trade business development. A series of internal operation structure adjustments have made the company more competitive. The profit oriented domestic market development mode has achieved initial results. The product R & D strength of each sector is increasing. The company has continued its overall stable and continuous operation The positive factors to promote high-quality development are gradually increasing.

He said that in the face of severe and changeable market economic environment, all staff must be aware of the challenges and problems in the operation process of the company, conscientiously sum up the successes and failures, seek development, seek breakthroughs, step by step, use firm confidence and determination to win to firmly cultivate every market, seize every opportunity, implement every work and strive to create a new situation.

For the work plan of the new year, Wang Junping said that all departments should unswervingly implement the main line of the work of expanding the market, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and closely focus on the budget objectives established at the beginning of the year, so as to make a good plan for the work of this year. We should be firm in our confidence, fully motivated, and conscientiously carry out the detailed management, so as to take practical measures, walk in the forefront of the standard, take the lead bravely, improve our position and do solid work. With the mindset of "turning to zero" and starting again, we will strive to build a high-quality development path featuring full chain industrial integration, all-round management and filing, all channel brand marketing, and all experience service.

Then, according to their own situation, the management cadres participated in the meeting conducted in-depth communication on the work in 2019, conducted in-depth discussion and analysis on the existing problems, and gave constructive opinions and suggestions for the next development plan. Then, representatives of each module, production system and department respectively made a summary report on their semi annual work.

Generally speaking, in the past year, the group company has made steady progress in innovation, reform and efficient management, and is gradually moving towards the road of high-quality development. During this period, the assembly also commended the collective and individual who had performed well in the past year.

As an important part of the meeting, at the end of the meeting, president Wang Liping made a concluding speech to the meeting. He affirmed the work and achievements of the past year, thanked Guangbo people who worked hard on all fronts, and made further planning instructions for the future development direction.

He said that in the past year, in the face of the big environment of internal worries and external difficulties, the group company actively faced the current situation, sought change and made efforts to carry out various work in accordance with the economic indicators set at the beginning of the year. Adhere to the principle of taking efficiency as the center, innovation as the core, development as the axis, conscientiously explore and forge ahead, better achieve the annual goal, further standardize the production management, further improve the internal environment, further optimize the personnel structure, further deepen the market development and other key work, and achieve the overall goal of "gradually expanding the industrial scale, gradually upgrading the management system, and gradual improving of operation efficiency.

He stressed that achievements do not come easily and that we need to work harder in the future. In 2020, all the broad-minded people should establish their determination and confidence, take "improving quality and efficiency" as the goal, and strive to improve production efficiency, management efficiency and cultural efficiency; take "breakthrough innovation" as the starting point, and strive to increase R & D investment, accelerate innovation and distribution, and accelerate reform progress. With "humanistic care" as the focus, further optimize the management system, optimize the talent system; with "brand development" as the direction, make every effort to open up new markets and realize the extension of brand effect.

Finally, Wang Liping called on all cadres to unite as one, seize every minute and second, overcome all difficulties, continue to innovate and start their own businesses with all-out spirit, continue to break through the waves with the state of struggle, tenacity and progress, and realize Guangbo’s take-off again in the tough environment.

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