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Guangbo paper stationery products won the title of single champion product in manufacturing industry in 2019
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On December 25, the 2019 experience exchange meeting of manufacturing single champion was held in Beijing. The fourth batch of single champion demonstration enterprises and the fourth batch of single champion products were released at the meeting. Paper stationery products of Guangbo Group Co., Ltd. won the title of single champion products.

It is reported that the conference is jointly led by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Federation of industrial economy. It aims to accelerate the cultivation of leading enterprises with innovation ability and world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, improve the innovation, specialization and internationalization level of manufacturing enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. Since 2016, the ministry of industry and information technology has implemented the special action of cultivating and upgrading single champion enterprises in manufacturing industry.

As a professional stationery manufacturer, Guangbo has been focusing on the development of the comprehensive stationery product market for a long time. Through the active innovation of production technology, and the improvement of design concept, it has developed a series of stationery products with rich categories, novel styles and complete functions, realizing the full coverage of functional, fine and creative stationery products. The company has developed for nearly 30 years, not only achieving the goal of market share ranking in the forefront of the world, but also opening up a new development path of fashion stationery and life stationery, raising the brand power of stationery to a new height, and cultivating new fans and audience groups.

In the future, Guangbo will also increase its investment in innovation and R & D, take the opportunity of transformation and upgrading, fully promote the construction of automatic and intelligent production system, and further realize the industrial clustering and high-end manufacturing of stationery industry.


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