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Guangbo won the "heavyweight" bid again
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Near the end of the year, the government and enterprise business department of Guangbo Group Co., Ltd. is still efficient. A few days ago, Guangbo was shortlisted in the centralized procurement project of labor insurance and living materials framework of power construction mall of China Power Construction Corporation, adding another cooperation unit of "state" brand.

With the rapid development of the Internet platform, the government, enterprises and institutions have launched e-commerce procurement initiatives. In this context, Guangbo, guided by the circumstances, established a professional platform for cultural materials collection in 2015 - Guangbo mall. With this as the fulcrum, it actively carried out the plan of providing sunshine and fast office materials management for government and enterprise customers, and opened channels such as "channel distribution", "contract customer", "API customer" and "bidding procurement" according to different customers. At the same time, it also provides vertical professional e-commerce services for manufacturers, brands, distributors, government and enterprise users in the industry.

With professional sales means, personalized solution and efficient office concept, it has successively provided e-commerce services for the governments, the military and central enterprises of China Southern Power Grid, the organs directly under the central government, Sinopec, the general rear shopping mall of the people's Liberation Army, Zhejiang provincial government, Fujian provincial government, Qingdao municipal government, Suzhou municipal government, etc., and has won unanimous praise and favor.

For a long time, Guangbo has always been committed to providing customers with higher quality products and convenient services, fully meeting the needs of customers, and solving problems for customers at the first time. This time, Guangbo again made efforts to win the "heavyweight" bid, further promoting its brand influence and market competitiveness, and also showing the market its strong potential in the field of e-commerce. Next, Guangbo will continue to forge ahead with the purpose of customer satisfaction and professional service as the core.


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