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Bao Xiaoying, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, visited Guangbo
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On the afternoon of November 19, Bao Xiaoying, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and his delegation visited Guangbo for guidance, accompanied by Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and president of the group company, and Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive.

Bao Xiaoying and her team visited the boutique book workshop to learn more about Guangbo's paper cutting, printing, binding, packaging and other production processes in the stationery production process. Bao Xiaoying had a deep understanding of all details in the production process. She also spoke highly of Guangbo's automatic production line, and pointed out that intelligence and automation are the main trends in the future. Guangbo's move was successful and timely, seizing the opportunity of a new round of development.

At the following symposium, Wang Liping introduced the development of Guangbo to Bao Xiaoying and others. He said that the repetition of the Sino US trade war has prompted Guangbo to make a new strategic layout. By establishing the first overseas production base in Vietnam, the impact of the Sino US trade war has been minimized. At the same time, the strategy of "going out" has been further implemented, and the market in the surrounding areas has been actively radiated to achieve the goal of gradually expanding the brand effect and gradually improving the marketing network. In the next step, Guangbo will continue to improve its efficiency in the field of manufacturing, increase momentum, increase investment in innovation, speed up the pace of reform, and achieve a higher, faster and better development of the real manufacturing industry.

After listening to Wang Liping's introduction, Bao Xiaoying said that the real manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country and the soul of a strong country. It is not easy for Guangbo to stick to the manufacturing position for more than 20 years. She also hoped that Guangbo could continue to adhere to the path of innovative manufacturing, provide more support for the development of regional economy and create greater value.


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