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Shen Min, vice mayor of Ningbo, visited Guangbo
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On the afternoon of December 13, Shen Min, deputy mayor of Ningbo City, and his party came to Guangbo group to visit and guide, accompanied by Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and president of the group company, and Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief executive.

Shen Min and his party visited the exhibition halls on the first floor and the tenth floor to have a deep understanding of the development and growth of Guangbo over the past 20 years. He pointed out that it's not easy for Guangbo to grow from a stationery manufacturing enterprise to a modern diversified enterprise integrating light industry stationery, new material electronics, Internet marketing, investment and trade. It is worth learning from other enterprises. During the visit, Shen Min was also deeply impressed by Guangbo’s cultural and creative products. He said that Guangbo can come out of the traditional thinking.

At the following symposium, Wang Liping introduced to Shen Min the operation and strategic extension of Guangbo in recent years. He pointed out that in the face of times of change and reform, Guangbo has always actively promoted the development concept of "innovation leads development, change stimulates potential", vigorously developed new areas, comprehensively arranged high-tech industries, and actively introduced outstanding talents. So far, it has made outstanding achievements in many fields. He said that in the future, Guangbo will continue to hold high the banner of innovation, constantly test new areas, open up new markets, tap new energy, and strive to make more contributions to society.

After listening to Wang Liping's introduction, Shen Min raised ardent hope for Guangbo. He pointed out that Guangbo's achievements today are inseparable from the correct ideological guidance and the joint efforts of all Guangbo people. He hoped that all Guangbo personnel could continue to maintain the excellent style of hard work and the spirit of courageous struggle, continue to forge ahead in the next round of development tide, and contribute more to the economic development and social harmony of Ningbo.

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