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"Reliable brother" Wang Mengbiao
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When seeing Wang mengbiao, he was wiping his monochromator. "Though it looks a little old, it's not bad at all." As he spoke, Wang mengbiao added a little lubricating oil to the machine. Before starting work every day, he has to check the machine repeatedly to make sure everything is normal before starting work.

Wang mengbiao has been in Guangbo for 18 years, and he has also changed from a young and astringent boy to a captain who is independent, skilled, mature and steady. One of the words that people think most about him is "reliable".

Reliable in learning technology

Wang mengbiao began work in Guangbo in 2001. At the beginning, he followed his master. He studied while watching. He could do it when he had a chance. But after half a year, the master left. The new captain would not be in place for a while, and a lot of lists were waiting to be started, so Wang mengbiao suddenly became the captain. "To be honest, it was a bit of a catch-up." Wang mengbiao was still worried about his ability. He confessed that there must be a gap between himself and his master.

"But since the leader has entrusted this task to me, I will do my best." After that, Wang Mengbiao made great efforts to study and at the same time asked for advice from other old captains. He also used the meal time and after work time to study the machine. It was almost half a year before he finally figured out the structure and operation of the monochromator. "Only when we have a thorough understanding of the machine can we achieve high efficiency in our work." Wang mengbiao said.

Reliable in teaching students

After becoming captain, Wang mengbiao, in addition to constantly increasing his business level, also gradually has the opportunity to be a master. Over the past ten years, Wang mengbiao has brought eight apprentices. Whether they are junior college students who come to practice for a short time or those who plan to stay for a long time, they are all treated equally and guided attentively.

There is a saying called " church apprentice, starve master", but Wang mengbiao did not care. "If the apprentice is able to be on his own, isn’t that a better indication of myself a high level? " Zhou Bin and Li Jianbo are his two apprentices.

"Master is good to us." Zhou Bin said that Wang Mengbiao never kept what he should teach. When he met something he didn't understand, he would always answer it patiently if he asked. "Sometimes it's time to go off work, but when we have some questions that we haven't understood, he will stay and answer them patiently." Li Jianbo said. It was under Wang mengbiao's instruction that the two grew up quickly, and soon they were able to work alone.

Reliable in work

People who know Wang mengbiao know that he is a very careful person. He always has to read the list several times. "He has to repeatedly confirm the color, process requirements and printing quantity." Sun Yuanguo, the group leader, said that because of this characteristic, Wang Mengbiao never had any major quality problems. "Wrong group version, wrong bite, he can see it at a glance." What's more, no matter how hard and troublesome the work is, Wang Mengbiao can accept it. "He's rarely seen to grumble." Sun Yuanguo said. Wang Mengbiao never chooses, nor does he care about, whether it's hard work or time-consuming work. "It's just doing it in a down-to-earth way, with high efficiency and good quality products."

On his work table, he always has a "I" wrench and a "t" wrench. Wang Mengbiao said that he often used it. "One is always ready for maintenance, the other is convenient for loading." It turns out that the products produced in the workshop are many and miscellaneous, and there are few duplicate samples. Therefore, each time a batch of products is produced, it is necessary to remove the plates and install the plates again.

"Some people will be bothered, and they rush to reassemble every time they have to print a new product." Zhu bin, workshop director, said that Wang Mengbiao was different. In his impression, no matter how busy he was, Wang Mengbiao would always set up the edition in advance the day before, so you can start printing the next day. "Also give yourself enough time to check for problems and make sure they're safe."

Reliable in maintenance

In terms of machine maintenance, Wang mengbiao is also a good hand. What's wrong with the machine? He can find the problem as soon as he looks, listens and touches it. "After all, I have been dealing with this machine for more than ten years, and I still understand its situation." Wang mengbiao said with a smile. It's like an old man who has known each other for more than ten years. He has been familiar with each other's situations for a long time.

If the machine wants to live a long life, it must be maintained frequently. Wang Mengbiao always adheres to the habit of "one small inspection every day, one small inspection every half a month, one big maintenance every month". No matter how heavy the workload, how busy the business and how late the off-duty time is, he will carry out a "physical examination" for the machine to ensure that the machine has no problems before it can start. Thanks to his habit, the "partner" who has been with him for more than ten years has not only never had any major problems, nor any major quality accidents, but also helped him complete many large orders.

"When the company hands over the machine to me, I will try my best to be responsible to the end." Wang Mengbiao said.

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